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WHY US » Our Competitive Edge

Guaranteed quality with 6-eye quality assurance policy

Translation requires a good pair of eyes for detail and different “eyes” see clearer. Our stringent 6-eye quality assurance policy guarantees high quality work. Every piece of work is meticulously checked by 3 pairs of eyes (6 eyes), i.e. self-check by translators, line-by-line review by editors and final review by proofreaders.

Experienced professional team

We have a large resource base of over 500 translators. All our translators have more than 10 years of professional practice, with millions of words translated each year. Moreover, we only engage native translators with proven records of quality and experience. All projects are assigned to a competent project manager who will source the ideal project team members and monitor their progress throughout. Our dedicated project managers constantly monitor and liaise between the project team members until project completion.

Competitive rates par excellence with timely delivery

We provide value-for-money services and you can expect a quick response and timely delivery. We offer discounts for large projects and translation projects into multiple languages.